EnerG² is an innovative green technology product that is changing the way all industries cool their food products.
“Walk in your walk-in and save” New green technology saves you money. Every time you walk-in your walk-in cooler or freezer money is escaping out the door. Commercial refrigerators waste 20-30% of their energy on 60% more compressor cycles than necessary to maintain food temperature at the appropriate levels.

Energ2 provides a more accurate means for temperature measurement, because its patented design and gel compound contain similar thermal properties to food and beverage. It relays that temperature to the thermostat, significantly lowering run time and reducing wear and tear on equipment, thus reducing maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

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Madison Energy Brings Manufacturing Back to the U.S.

In an effort centralize its operations, increase efficiency, and benefit the local economy, The Madison Energy Group is bringing 100% of the production of its flagship product, EnerG², back to the U.S.  Previous manufacturing sourced the proprietary gel from within the U.S. but obtained the plastics from the Guangdong Province of China.  When asked what the major contributing factors were that lead to the move, CEO William Geist stated, “The discount we were receiving by getting the plastics from China was outweighed by not only the cost of shipping, but also the time it took to receive the parts.  As a company that is growing exponentially, there is no greater resource to us than time.  We’re also motivated by the fact that we’ll be creating jobs right here in America which is something I think we can all support.”  Madison is also increasing the capacity of its production lines to be able to produce up to 100,000 units per month.  The new facilities will be located just north of Atlanta, Georgia and include new quality control measures as well as logistics.  “Our company’s growth is happening all over the world and the biggest challenge we face right now is staying ahead of the curve.” said Neil Silver, Madison’s President.  “It’s vital that we manage our growth properly so right now we are concentrating our efforts on continuing to build our infrastructure to be able to handle that growth.  Madison also plans on producing a micro version of the EnerG² product which would apply to the reach-in coolers.  That project is scheduled for late summer 2014. You can visit Madison Energy at www.themadisonenergygroup.com      EnerG² is a device that was developed by The Madison Energy Group and contains a non-toxic, food safe gel compound that has similar thermal properties to that of food and beverage.  It is therefore, not subject to the same wider and more volatile standard of deviation in temperature that air is.  When applied, EnerG² easily retrofits over the external air probe in commercial coolers and freezers and converts the temperature measurement from the ambient air temperature to that of food and beverage temperature.  We are now measuring the intended target of measurement of food and beverage temperature instead of the immediate environment surrounding the thermostat.  This creates an inherently more efficient scenario and results in an average energy reduction of 20-30%.  EnerG² is also effective at reducing carbon emissions by several thousand pounds annually.  It also helps to promote food safety by maintaining tighter temperature ranges and reduces maintenance costs on equipment by minimizing unnecessary compressor cycles. The Madison Energy Group is proud to offer EnerG² and is committed to delivering solutions that allow our clients to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint and benefit the overall environment that we live in.  Please join us in pursuing a greener, better future.

“The new product EnerG2 has been a great saving for our walk in freezer and cooler. We have seen such a saving over 30% of compressor time of turning on/off daily. I would highly recommend to any restaurant chain. We have installed it in 10 of our stores and will continue for the rest of our 58 stores.” – David Shotwell, Biscuitville Inc.

“This is a “no-brainer” decision for every restaurant in the world. I am saving almost 20% per months on my [refrigeration] electric bill! I easily paid for the initial investment and your support has been phenomenal. I could not be happier with the results.” – Brad Evers

“I wanted to write to you and the Madison Energy Group to tell you how delighted we are to be working with you. The recent performance of EnerG² in our stores has been consistent with the pilot tests and we are currently saving a little over 20% on our energy cost per month. I believe that EnerG² is a solution that will be widely accepted our organization.” – Joe Pellicci
J & L Services – McDonalds

“ We have been very pleased with EnerG²’s performance. We were especially impressed with the simplicity of the EnerG² technology and the short term Return on Investment. We believe that this technology could very well become a standard for our franchises across the board.” – Donald Welsh
Managing Member
Simple Tie Ventures – Sonic

Brands Using EnerG2


  • 15-30% reduction on energy cost, depending on size, type and usage of refrigeration unit(s)
  • Installs in less than 5 minutes
  • Retrofits to existing temperature proble
  • No electrical or mechanical parts


  • Short term return on investment
  • Product and energy savings lasts for years



  • Provides a more accurate means of temperature measurement, based on food product density rather than variations in air temperature
  • Stabilizes cooler temperature


  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Reduces C02 emissions by 20-30%
  • Endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association

  • 40-60% fewer compression cycles
  • Extends useful life of cooler compressor
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases equipment’s lifespan


  • Comes with an unlimited 10 year warranty
  • Does not affect any existing equipment warranties