The Frigitek controller works in conjunction with 2 speed EC (electronically commutated) motors to maximize their efficiency and nearly double the energy savings provided by EC motors alone.
The Frigitek® ECMotor Controller functions by sensing the operational status of the cooling system, and controls the speed of the EC evaporator fans. When the thermostat is satisfied and the compressor cycles off, the Frigitek controller will sense the compressor off cycle and will switch the motors to the slower speed.
It is a fact that all of the electrical power which is used by the fan motors ends up as heat inside the refrigerated space. By operating the fans at a low speed when no cooling is called for, and at high speed only when the system is actively cooling the refrigerator, much less heat is introduced into the refrigerator. Although this results in an additional saving in evaporator fan motor energy consumption, the reduction in fan motor heat generated causes a significant reduction in refrigeration operation, saving enough energy at the compressor to almost double the savings provided by the EC motors alone.
The Frigitek® ECMotor Controller is designed to be easily installed when upgrading to EC motors. Installation typically takes about 45 minutes (as does each EC Motor), and can be done by any competent electrician or refrigeration technician. In addition to its energy saving qualities, the Frigitek® ECMotor Controller also provides some intrinsic advantages. The low speed of the fans results in lower evaporation from sensitive stored foods, and the lower noise levels contribute to worker efficiency, and a more pleasant workspace.

“With the two systems, we have seen our overall electrical bill drop from over $3,000 a month into the $1,800 range.” – Joseph Mangione, VP Crescent Beer Distributor, Inc.

Brands Using EnerG2

  • Reduction in energy cost
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Reduction in fan motor heat
  • Qualifies for utility rebates
  • 12-18 month ROI
  • Professional installation